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Stock Plates
Only $19.95 each
Plus a flat $6.50 shipping & handling per order. 7% sales tax is charged on all orders.

 New Release
Get Your 2nd Amendment Image Plate today (6"x12" Actual Size)
"SAMPLE" watermark does not show on the actual Image Plate
Image © 2013, www.ImagePlates.com

Item # SP-2NDAMD
Printed on Durable Vinyl and Laminated to an Aluminum License Plate

ImagePlates.com also offers license plates that are designed by, or photographed by Albert Cardwell, a North Carolina photographer. All images on these plates are ©Albert Cardwell, All Rights Reserved. We can add your own text to any stock plate for an additional fee of $5.00. Click here for instructions on ordering plates with text, or scroll down to the bottom of the page. For plates with your own ideas or designs, please see our Custom Plates section. One of our other sites www.collectiblephotography.com shows a larger selection of photos by Albert Cardwell. If you see a horizontal image that you like on that website that is not on this one, please contact us. We may can create it for you.
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Stock Photo License Plates
Item # SP-001    $19.95
Boat Scene At The Coast
Item # SP-002    $19.95
Sunrise with three boys
Item # SP-003    $19.95
Fishing Boat At Docks
Item # SP-004   $19.95
Sunset & Sea Oats
Item # SP-005   $19.95
Rainbow & Sea Oats
Item # SP-006   $19.95
Ocean Sunset
Item # SP-007   $19.95
Boats Docked
Item # SP-008   $19.95
Sound Piers
Item # SP-009   $19.95
Rainbow & Clouds
Item # SP-010   $19.95
Item # SP-011   $19.95
Sailboat & Mountain
Item # SP-012   $19.95
Pisgah Bridge
Item # SP-013   $19.95
Tree Roots & Creek
Item # SP-014   $19.95
Rose Petals
Item # SP-015   $19.95
Moose River
Item # SP-016   $19.95
Pink Flowers
Item # SP-017   $19.95
Three Cows & Tree
Item # SP-018   $19.95
Item # SP-019   $19.95
Swimming Ducks
Item # SP-020   $19.95
Diving Ducks
Item # SP-021  $19.95
Rustic Ford
Item # SP-022  $19.95
Reflecting Back

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 Add your own text to any stock plate.

ImagePlates.com can add your own text to any of our stock plates. We can add up to two lines of type with a maximum of 20 letters per line. Stock plates with your own text are $24.95 each. There is a flat $6.50 shipping handling fee per order. NC Residents add 6.75% sales tax.  No copyrighted, obscene or references to illegal or offensive materials will be printed. ImagesPlates.com reserves the right to reject any special printing for any reason. If you have doubts about printing, you can email us the desired text to info@imageplates.com before ordering and we can tell you if we can print it. For personally designed plates, see our Custom Plates section.

For Ordering Stock Plates with Text (Item # SP-TXT) with Money Orders or Cashiers Checks.
See the Ordering Info page. Add $24.95 for each plate with text, plus shipping & tax if required. Put the desired text on the order form and send the form with payment to us.

For Ordering Stock Plates with Text (Item # SP-TXT) with PayPal payments.
Step 1 - Select the stock plate number from the desired plate above and type in the contact information and the desired text below.  Press the Send Button on the form.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Line:
Stock Plate #1:
1st line of text for plate #1:
2nd line of text for plate #1:
Stock Plate #2:
1st line of text for plate #2:
2nd line of text for plate #2:
Stock Plate #3:
1st line of text for plate #3:
2nd line of text for plate #3:
Stock Plate #4:
1st line of text for plate #4:
2nd line of text for plate #4:

 Step 2 - Click the Add To Cart Button Below one time for each plate to be ordered. Or update the quantity on the checkout page.

Step 3- Check Out and send payment by Pay Pal when you complete the order.

A small photo will be emailed showing the layout of the final plate for approval before printing.

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